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China's kitchen and energy conservation and environmental protection major has broad prospects for development.

China's kitchen and energy conservation and environmental protection major has broad prospects for development.

At the same time pay attention to economic development and environmental protection era, environmental protection kitchenware will be a hot snap, in the future development process of environmental protection kitchenware will be better and better.
China's private kitchen energy saving and environmental protection major is forming a joint effort.
Recently, the first annual meeting of the Cookware Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Committee of the Chinese Private Scientific and Technological Industrialists Association was held in Guangzhou, marking the joint efforts of the energy conservation and environmental protection specialty of the Chinese private kitchenware.
Under the era of economic and environmental protection, environmental protection kitchenware is favored.
At the meeting, Xiao Fangchen, Executive Vice-Chairman and Secretary-General of China Private Scientific and Technological Businessmen Association, Huang Yuantang, Chairman of the Professional Committee, Hu Duanzhi, Secretary-General of the Professional Committee, Wu Yuanheng, Executive Deputy Secretary-General, and other leaders and experts summarized and prospected the work in 2013, and the technical status and development of energy-saving and environmental protection of Chinese Kit Tendency, Development Strategic Conception of the Committee on Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection of Kitchen Utensils of the Chinese People's Association, How to Implement the Document Spirit of the State Council on Accelerating the Development of Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industry, and Exploration and Practice of Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection of Kitchen Utensils, etc. During the meeting, we also visited Guangzhou Henglian Hotel Supplies Co., Ltd. and visited the kitchenware comprehensive energy-saving demonstration project.
The meeting held that: China's kitchenware energy-saving and environmental protection profession has broad prospects for development, has been and is attracting more ambitious people to join them. The meeting calls for a united effort to enhance the attractiveness and cohesion of the organization through the actions and effectiveness of the professional committees.
At present, the professional committees and the vast number of members of enterprises, encountered a good opportunity for development, policy environment, the state's attention, the people's attention, consumer demand, consumer purchasing power have undergone positive changes, "time, place, people and people". At the same time, we should strengthen the understanding of national policies, strengthen communication with relevant departments, and operate under the guidance of laws, regulations and policies. We should integrate innovation ability, R&D ability, production capacity and marketing ability organically, and create conditions for experienced enterprises to do more typical leading work. Through the planned and conscious guidance, let everyone gradually become the regional leader, become a model of peer learning, and grow into a leading enterprise and entrepreneurs.
Food and kitchenware exports: bamboo fiber dinner kitchenware green environmental appeal
Zhejiang Taizhou New Union Plastic Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that produces kitchen utensils. In recent years, the social voice of green and environmental protection is getting higher and higher, the company duly developed a degradable environmental protection material bamboo fiber kitchenware, and obtained a national invention patent, the product has become a dazzling new star in export kitchenware products. From January to May this year, the company exported 151 batches of bamboo fiber kitchenware with a value of 34.228 million US dollars, an increase of 86.1% and 45.3% respectively. China kitchen equipment network
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