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my country's kitchen utensils energy saving and environmental protection profession has broad development prospects

In this era of paying attention to economic development and environmental protection at the same time, environmentally friendly kitchen utensils will be a hot shopping item, and in the future development process, environmentally friendly kitchen utensils will become better and better...

These kitchen utensils are useful

When cooking, many nurses often find that a certain tool is missing at hand, such as a peeler, egg beater, flower cutter... Don't worry, just pick up common tableware or kitchen utensils, and the problem will be solved immediately. Dining fork - carving artifact It is beautiful and convenient to use a fork to carve flowers when making cookies. Press the cookie dough into stripes with a fork, or poke out neat little dots, and the shaped biscuits after baking are no worse than those made by professional molds! Knife - skin scraping artifact Many teachers think that the peeler is the most indispensable kitchen tool for them. For example, peeling loofah, cucumber and potato skins are inseparable from the peeler. In fact, in addition to scrapers, table knives and wire balls can be transformed into very useful scrapers. Just like the loofah scraped with a dining knife, it still retains a layer of green tender skin, so that the fried loofah will keep the green color and not turn black, and the taste will be better. Colander - egg beater artifact It is said that this is the secret of the chefs. Those beautiful egg drop soups are made with the secret weapon of the colander. Pour the egg mixture into the soup slowly through a colander, so that the beaten eggs are even and delicate. Cling film - degreasing artifact Every time I finish cooking, the greasy stains on the stove cannot be wiped off. Here is an artifact to remove oil stains - plastic wrap. Tear off the plastic wrap and knead it into a ball, instead of a rag to wipe the oil, you can make the stove clean as new. And throw it away after wiping it, saving you the trouble of dishwashing.

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