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Analysis on how the trendy kitchen utensils industry develops and grows

Eating men and women, people's great desires exist. In the Book of Rites, Confucius listed diet as the first source of life, which is also a common issue related to people's livelihood. When it comes to diet, it is natural to be inseparable from kitchen utensils. With the rapid development of society, people's pursuit of diet has not only stayed on simple food, but the pursuit of excellence in production skills, cooking environment, and cooking utensils has opened up the kitchen utensils industry. Broad prospects.
Shengzhou City, which has the title of China's Kitchenware Capital, developed the kitchenware industry in the 1990s. After 20 years of rapid development, the kitchen utensils industry cluster gathered in the Shengzhou Economic Development Zone has formed a large scale, and the industrial supporting capacity has gradually increased. The complete product range, strong quality awareness, high corporate reputation, and large export market not only make the kitchenware industry a regional characteristic industry in Shengzhou, but also make Shengzhou kitchenware enjoy an important position in the kitchenware industry at home and abroad.
When Siemens, Electrolux, Linne, Franke, Haier, Aucma, Midea, etc. mention kitchen utensils, these famous world famous brands will be imprinted in the mind. And many of them come from the OEM manufacturing of Shengzhou kitchenware manufacturers. After all, OEM is not a long-term way. Through the large-scale technological transformation in the past few years, Shengzhou kitchenware industry has a certain innovation and R&D capability. The brand has gradually started in the kitchenware industry.
There are nearly 450 kitchenware enterprises and corresponding supporting enterprises in Shengzhou. From product research and development to mold processing, from accessories production to complete machine assembly, to product testing and identification, the industrial supporting facilities are complete. The products have formed 25 series and more than 100 varieties. In 2010, the whole industry achieved sales of 4 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 35%.
Shengzhou Economic Development Zone, which is the production base of Shengzhou kitchen utensils, now has 28 large-scale enterprises in the kitchen utensil industry with an annual output of more than 20 million yuan, including 2 national high-tech enterprises, 2 provincial patent demonstration enterprises, and provincial small and medium-sized technology enterprises. 5 companies. There are 1,200 large-scale and specialized enterprise technology R&D personnel, accounting for about 4% of all employees. The first national-level kitchenware product testing center in the kitchenware industry has also settled in it, and its production capacity and product quality have reached the industry-leading level.
Under the support of advanced technology, Shengzhou kitchenware industry has emerged a number of brand groups with great influence, certain popularity and share in the domestic and foreign markets. 12 trademarks have become well-known trademarks in China, and there are Zhejiang famous brand products. 5, and 4 Zhejiang famous trademarks.
This successful cooperation has created a precedent for the joint development of Shengzhou and even China's kitchenware industry and the global kitchenware leader. It is important to improve the production capacity of enterprises, strengthen the strength of scientific and technological development, do a good job in brand management, expand market share and enhance the overall strength of the kitchenware industry in Shengzhou, etc. , have played a positive role in promoting, demonstrating and guiding.
After the joint venture, Xinputian Electric Co., Ltd. leverages Erica's advantages in creativity, design, and research and development, and fully absorbs its experience in logistics, sales, and management of its global layout. After 5 years of hard work, Xinputian has made The company's sales reached 2 billion yuan, so it has truly become a leading brand in promoting the transformation and upgrading of China's kitchen and bathroom industry.
The upgrading of Putian's products is not a profit, which means that hundreds of supporting enterprises related to Putian will also be upgraded, and the overall improvement of the level of supporting enterprises will inevitably affect and promote the improvement of other kitchenware manufacturers. So that the whole kitchen utensil industry in Shengzhou has leaped to a new platform.
From energy saving and environmental protection to patent standards
With the continuous growth of the kitchen utensils industry in Shengzhou, refinement and specialization have become the development direction of industrial upgrading. The integrated eco-friendly cooker, which integrates the functions of range hood, cooker, disinfection cabinet, storage cabinet, etc., is developed by the main kitchenware enterprises in the development zone. , and a new product that completely eliminates kitchen fumes and pollution is praised by experts as a revolutionary innovation of traditional kitchen utensils.
Compared with traditional kitchen utensils, the eco-friendly integrated stove's working methods of close-range smoke exhaust, lower exhaust air, and double isolation make the oil fume completely isolated from the air, no longer diffuse, and allow the oil fume to be completely discharged directly downward, and the oil fume cleaning rate can reach More than 99%. Moreover, the environmental protection integrated stove takes up less space, which can save nearly one meter of cabinets and hanging cabinets. The integrated stove adopts the combination of ultra-low noise technology and silent air duct design, so that the noise is significantly lower than that, which greatly improves the cooking environment. Compared with ordinary stoves, integrated stoves can save 40% to 70% of energy under the strong firepower of 35% thermal efficiency.
The advanced vision and strategy not only allow enterprises to continuously explore and innovate in product design and production process, but also make enterprises pay special attention to the patent protection of key technical links. Encouraged by the policy, kitchenware enterprises in the development zone have been very active on the stage of standard formulation in recent years. In April this year, in view of the advantages of Shengzhou's kitchenware industry and its contribution and market position to integrated environmental protection stove products, the China Hardware Association and China Standardization Association jointly issued a document and decided that Shengzhou enterprise Yitian Electric would be the leader of the drafting team for the national standard for integrated stoves. , Shuaifeng Electric Appliances, Putian Electric Appliances, and Meiduo Electric Appliances have also become major member units. In the process of formulating national standards, enterprises in Shengzhou will focus on including new standard requirements in terms of safety, hygiene, and environmental protection, which will also enable enterprises to control the initiative in key technologies and thus have the right to speak in product pricing.
In the past seven years, Shengzhou kitchenware products have obtained an average of more than 100 patents per year. For example, Zhejiang Moni Kitchenware Co., Ltd. has become a patent kingdom with 332 patents of various types within 6 years, and has achieved another kitchenware patent. The best in China. It can be said that Shengzhou kitchenware has become the most patented in China's kitchenware industry, and the improvement of R&D soft power has allowed Shengzhou to continue to lead the advanced manufacturing base.
From market potential to brand promotion
The emergence of high-integrated stoves and low-carbon integrated environmental-friendly stoves has been vigorously promoted by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China. The concept of green kitchen and bathroom will become the trend of kitchen appliance development in the future.
According to authoritative forecasts, in 2011, the demand for complete sets of range hoods and cookers in the Chinese market will be 12-14 million sets, with an annual increase of about 10%. Another data shows that in the next 10 years, 10 million new couples will get married in China every year; 6 to 7 million college graduates will enter the society every year; with the advancement of urbanization, 10 million to 12 million people will enter cities from rural areas every year; The state stipulates that 36 million affordable housing units must be built during the 12th Five-Year Plan period. These groups will all become potential consumers of integrated eco-friendly stove products.
The integrated environmental protection stove is accepted and loved by more and more consumers with its excellent performance of double high and double low, that is, high thermal efficiency, high oil fume absorption, low carbon emission, and low space occupation, and has formed a system consisting of three and four. The primary market is rapidly advancing to the primary and secondary markets. It is estimated that in 2010, the domestic sales of integrated environmental protection stove products were about 1 million, accounting for about 8% of the sales of domestic kitchen appliances. It is estimated that in 2011, the domestic sales of integrated environmental protection stoves will be about 1.5 million, accounting for about 12%. Calculated based on the average selling price of 6,000 yuan per unit, the sales volume is 9 billion yuan, which will increase by more than 10% every year.
Facing the broad market prospects, the promotion of the brand will help the products to take the lead. By establishing the symbol of China's emerging kitchenware industry base, the Shengzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government will build the overall image of Shengzhou's emerging kitchenware industry base within the region, and use China In the name of the capital of kitchen utensils, enterprises are organized to actively participate in related exhibitions at home and abroad. Such as Germany's Berlin Electronics Fair, Bathroom Products Exhibition and the large-scale exhibition known as the Oscar of China's building materials industry - China International Kitchen and Bathroom Products Expo, and even set up a long-term exhibition hall in the home appliance electronics exhibition and trading area of ​​Ningbo International Trade Center.
In addition, Shengzhou also makes full use of some well-known domestic e-commerce portals to establish a sales channel platform for competitive enterprises. The strong brand promotion efforts are not only for Shengzhou kitchenware brands to strive for centralized display opportunities, but also to allow the participating companies to grasp the customer base and trader information in a timely manner, understand the international and domestic market dynamics of the kitchenware industry, and devote themselves to research and development leading fashionable new products. influence of all.
From park construction to industrial upgrading
The industry is prosperous because of the city, and the city is famous because of its industry. This is the direction of the unremitting efforts of the Shengzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. The special brand park of Zhejiang Province's new energy-saving and environmental protection kitchen appliance industrial park created by Shengzhou Economic Development Zone is the main platform for realizing the transformation and upgrading of Shengzhou kitchenware industry from traditional to modern cluster.
The kitchen utensil industry is the downstream industry of electric motors, and the good upstream supporting capacity is beneficial to enterprises to reduce procurement costs. Shengzhou kitchenware has a complete range of supporting production enterprises from raw materials to finished products, especially the electromechanical industry that is matched with the industry is developing rapidly.
Combining the advantages of professional supporting facilities, Shengzhou Economic Development Zone has established a new type of energy-saving and environmentally friendly kitchen appliance industrial park in Zhejiang Province with a special brand park, focusing on building an ecological park, paying high attention to ecological environmental protection, and strictly controlling pollution projects, making it worthy of Shengzhou City's award of Shaoxing City The honor of the first place in the establishment assessment of the ecological demonstration area. At the same time, the development zone will also solve the environmental capacity problem of future development through industrial restructuring and upgrading. The construction goal of the park is to save resources and be ecologically friendly just like the energy-saving and environmentally-friendly kitchen appliance industry.
The development zone has a clear idea on how to take advantage of the agglomeration advantages of characteristic brand parks to promote the further improvement of the kitchen utensils industry.
——Implementation of standard strategy: Shengzhou enterprises have served as the leader unit and main member unit of the drafting group of the national standard for integrated stoves to ensure the leading position in the market.
——Implementation of the brand strategy: The regional brand of Shengzhou integrated environmental protection stove has gone out of Zhejiang, and has a high reputation in the country, and its own brand has achieved mass export.
——Improve product quality: The quality of integrated environmental protection stoves has been further improved, especially the main indicators such as smoking rate, thermal efficiency, grease separation degree, and noise reduction degree have reached the domestic first-class level.
——Strengthen design and research and development: The product design capability has been continuously improved, and the functional design and appearance design of Shengzhou integrated environmental protection stove can lead the technology and fashion trend.
——Expanding the marketing network: Intensifying efforts to develop and develop the domestic market to achieve stable sales growth.
——Strengthen supporting services: Encouraging the separation of main and auxiliary enterprises, strengthening professional division of labor, developing producer services, and further improving the socialized service system.
The Shengzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have given considerable support to the development and expansion of the kitchenware industry, and specially invited experts from the Market Economy Research Institute of the Development Research Center of the State Council to compile the "Shengzhou Kitchenware Industry Plan" through field research. In particular, kitchenware enterprises are encouraged to be excellent brands, professional and long-term supporting, and a kitchenware industry cultivation fund of 2 million yuan is set up every year for kitchenware enterprises to participate in domestic and foreign exhibitions, establish enterprise technology centers, introduce talents, and certification, brand creation and other common matters.
The idea of ​​overall development is the government's, and the main body of industrial development is still the enterprise. In line with the principle of interaction between the main body of the enterprise and the government-enterprise association guided by the government, the development zone gives full play to the leading role of leading enterprises in the industry, and improves the professional cooperation and supporting network of the kitchenware industry. The company focuses on the production of high-quality accessories, improves equipment utilization, reduces production costs, and ensures the quality of each component to comprehensive quality improvement. This development strategy of division of labor according to size and specialization of art further enhances the technical and price advantages of Shengzhou kitchenware products in the market competition.
At present, five major projects involving national standard formulation, design research and development, product technology transformation, supporting construction and platform construction in the characteristic brand park are in the process of steady progress. The completion of these specific projects will further improve the overall level of the kitchenware industry in the district.